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We specialise in Professional Finance and Accountancy Recruitment across Birmingham and surrounding areas.
We have experience working across several industries, please click on the sectors below for more details of how we can help.

engineering and manufacturing

Engineering & Manufacturing Outlook

Birmingham is the home to over 750 advanced manufacturing firms, 24 of which have main headquarters situated here.

Contributing £600million to Birmingham’s economy and employing 20,000 people across the city, manufacturing remains one of the most important sectors for local economy here.

Controlled measures within the finance team is key to the success of manufacturing firms. It is important to ensure the right skilled professionals are brought on board to support in cost control, margin analysis and day to day operational transactions.

Our research here at Advivo is very encouraging for candidates. A combination of finance and accounts experience, together with knowledge & expertise in manufacturing environments has created real demand within the industry.

With our vast experience interviewing candidates and working with clients within this industry, we have a fantastic network to help make sure the next step is the best possible one for you.

We understand that, in this industry, roles and responsibilities vary amongst different businesses and teams – despite the ‘job title’. Therefore, we believe it is essential for us to understand exactly what you are looking for to bridge the gap within your team. We do this by listening carefully to your needs and drawing on our experience to ask just the right questions.

That is how we will find the right candidate for your role.

Can you foresee a potential need within the team? At Advivo we would be happy to help you build a specification to support your search for the right candidate.

We believe in creating good relationships between people and leveraging our strong networks for both our benefit.



Business, Professional and Financial Services (BPFS) Outlook

Birmingham has the largest regional finance and professional services hub in the UK, bringing in £3.4billion across circa 8,500 companies employing nearly 100,000 people. This includes one of the largest legal clusters in Europe and the largest accountancy cluster outside of London.

With 8 years working within the financial services industry and operating within a city with over 10,000 finance professionals, the BPFS sector is an interesting industry with the widest range of opportunities available to all kinds of finance professionals.

With rental costs almost 50% lower than the capital, Birmingham is now becoming an attractive destination for financial and professional services.

Advivo was created to support people living better lives through securing the right solutions based on professional and personal objectives. We understand that this is an industry with multiple channels of service based organisations, from practice based firms to FCA regulated FS businesses.

Our experience in this sector has helped us obtain a true understanding of how finance integrates with the wider business. Is this a sector you have experience in? Or one you would like to explore? If so, then please get in touch.

We can genuinely empathise within this sector through our team who have personal experience working for major financial services businesses.

Combining our sector experience with the ability to understand people through NLP qualifications and coaching, we believe we can collaborate to provide the right consultancy and the right solution for your business. Are you looking to grow the team? Alternatively, do you need additional resource short to medium term? Here at Advivo we can support you with our experience and established network.


Public Sector Outlook

With 6 universities, 18 other education institutions, local councils, multiple housing associations and many charity organisations within Birmingham, accounting and finance within the public sector have become a very popular career choices.

At Advivo we are passionate about working and networking within this industry. We have seen a demand for both interim and permanent work, with skills being transferable from one public sector organisation to another. This is especially true when working with budgets and budget holders, and reputation based projects.

Do you have experience working in this industry? Or would you like to discuss starting a career in finance in public sector? We can help to engage the right audience for you to find you the right position.

At Advivo we will always remain active within the public sector with experience working with the educational sector, experience collaborating with housing associations, and working closely with small to medium sized charity organisations. We understand how important it is to find the right candidates for your organisation, considering skills and experience alongside the cultural fit and ethics of the wider team.

We also understand that requirements are ever changing within the finance team. With strong emphasis on budget control, it is important to ensure you are achieving full utilisation from the team to control headcount costs.

With this in mind we ensure we are on board with the ethics, values and principles of your organisation and we collaborate to establish a solution that works well for you. What is hot on your agenda now? How can we at Advivo help you get what you need from the team?

Advivo was created to support people live better lives and we have witnessed organisations within this sector sharing a similar vision for our national and international community.



Logistics Outlook

Transport, Logistics and Distribution is a very popular industry within Birmingham and surrounding areas thanks to the unique placement of Birmingham on the UK map. Millions of people travel in the UK whether by air, land, or sea every year. In addition, nearly every product we use has passed through the logistics supply chain.

Accounting and finance in this industry can be very broadly dependent on the objective of the overall business. The primary goal for most firms is the safety and efficiency of moving people or products through the UK and abroad.

At Advivo we recognise the increase in the demand in this sector for candidates with experience or working knowledge. We engage in the right conversations with the right people to establish developments, projects, mergers, and acquisitions which require specialist attention.

We can support here! Vast experience working with multiple businesses within this sector has enabled us to really understand the individual needs of our clients for a wide selection of different roles. This approach means we are well networked across the candidate market ensuring a relevant and speedy delivery.



Retail Outlook

The demands from consumers on the retail sector have changed over recent years. 2017 looks to be no different, with the influence of social media, video, speed of delivery and personal commerce all on the rise.

To meet these changing demands, businesses at the leading edge of their market have been making heavy investment into intelligent back office with finance becoming more integrated with other areas of the business than ever before.

Finance plays a key role here and has become more that just managing historical numbers. Finance now helps in both implementing smart objectives into retail channels and measuring the success of campaigns and retail projects.

As a result of these changes, we have seen an increase in demand for Finance Business Partners in Retail.

As well as solid financial understanding, good communication skills are essential as the role works closely with various departments from Marketing to Product Development. Stakeholder management is a key requisite here and we can work with you to help identify your key skills in these areas.

We are ideally place to provide Finance Business Partner candidates. A background in analysis and NLP is invaluable in identifying good ones! Want to discuss a requirement? At Advivo we would be happy to talk about the role and the culture and vision of your business.


Why Advivo?

At Advivo we believe in bringing people together through strong relationships and appropriate networking. This is how we can all be surrounded with the right support to progress our careers and better our lives.

For candidates, you can benefit from my network of clients, my leadership and coaching experience and also my qualification in Neuro Linguistic Programming.

For business owners, our wide range of candidates can support you with;

  • System and process improvement / migrations
  • Business Partnering amongst multiple projects
  • Risk and Regulation
  • Additional resource for day to day tasks

If you are in the market to make an addition to your team, or alternatively looking for your next move within finance, you can contact me at



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