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A Different Approach

by Ian Jackson


As part of our rebrand we have gone much further than just changing the logo. We revisited the very reason that TSA was setup in the first place. We asked ourselves some very challenging questions….

Why do we do what we do?

How are we unique?

What is it we want TSA to do?

It’s difficult to answer. Try asking yourself the same questions about your own career!

We wanted to capture our passion and ambition for the company and communicate that out. After much debate, we realised this; we have created a company where we have the freedom to push boundaries. Freedom to be entrepreneurial, to be creative and to take intellectual risks. That’s what excites us and gets us fired up about our work.

See for yourself and watch our short video featuring one of our MDs, Richard Dobson:

What does this mean day to day? It means being creative in the way we represent our candidates in the marketplace. It means being entrepreneurial when looking for opportunities. And it means being vibrant in all our relationships. We apply this thinking when finding you the best career move. And when we are finding you the best candidates.

Profits and turnover? Get the culture right, make the bold moves, provide an excellent service – and increasing profit and turnover are the results that follow.

This is what we believe and what we stand for. And we hope that’s why you will love working with TSA.


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